Dunedin, FL

The below map was created as a quick reference guide for helping our renters and LSV community identify roads within Dunedin that are LSV Friendly. 

Aside from the main arterial roads that are highlighted in green and red, all other white roads within the city borders are LSV Friendly! How awesome is that?! This includes but is not limited to: Edgewater, Michigan Blvd, San Christopher Dr, Pinehurst Rd, Douglas Ave, Patricia Ave, Virginia St, and many more!


This map should not be considered law. Roads and speed limits change, and we can easily make a mistake when mapping this many roads! Please let us know if we did and we will correct it. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LSV DRIVER TO OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS ON THE ROADS THEY CHOOSE TO TRAVEL. THIS INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO AVOIDING ALL ROADS THAT EXCEED 35MPH.

Please respect other drivers on the road, yield to cars whenever it is safe to do so, stay off the Pinellas trail, out of parks, and anywhere else you shouldn’t be! We have been given a wonderful opportunity by the city and state to be able to drive our LSVs around, so we all need to do our part to ensure we are able to keep this privilege!

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Mobile users: We recommend using the +/- signs in the lower left corner for zooming, and using two fingers to move the map around. You can also open the map in google maps by clicking on the expand symbol in the upper right hand corner.  



  • Can I cross over roads that are greater than 35mph?
    • YES! You can cross over any road regardless of the speed limit, so long as the road that you are crossing from is less than 35mph. Note: You may NEVER travel in the same direction of a road that has a speed limit greater than 35mph. This includes turn lanes, even if your neighborhood is close to them! Turn lanes are bound by the same speed limit of the road they are a part of.
  • Can I ride down the sidewalk to get to an LSV-friendly road?
    • NO Sidewalks are strictly prohibited
  • Can I ride down the Pinellas trail to get to LSV-friendly territory?
    • NO the Pinellas trail is strictly prohibited.
  • Can I travel on Edgewater Drive?
    • YES – HOWEVER, we suggest traveling on the back roads which are safer and more courteous to your fellow car drivers. If you must, please use caution and yield to cars when it’s safe to do so.
  • Can I hop the curb on Edgewater Drive and watch the sunset?
    • NO – You should not take your golf cart where you would not take a car. This includes inside parks!
  • Can I get to Honeymoon Island/Caladesi from Downtown Dunedin using an LSV?
    • NO – Most of Bayshore and Curlew are prohibited and there are no back roads connecting you to the LSV-friendly territory of Caladesi. (only a few nearby neighborhoods abutting Curlew have LSV-friendly access).
  • What’s the best place to take the golf cart to watch the sunset?
    • We recommend watching sunsets at the Fenway. Head on up to their rooftop bar and lounge for some great views!
  • Can I get to a beach from Dunedin?
    • It depends on your cart’s energy source. With our Lithium converted carts, you sure can! NOTE: Crossing over Clearwater Memorial Causeway is PROHIBITED! You must go the long way (to Belleair Causeway). Our carts will allow you to travel all the way to Indian Rocks, Sand Key, and Clearwater Beach and back! (If you have a lead acid setup, you more than likely will not be able to make it without having to charge).
  • Any other questions? 


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